Software Support

As platform businesses have become integral and powerful businesses strategy in modern economies, there is a key need to have a detailed support process to handle the data/information access to customers and the public.

We at Europeitsolutions will work with you to design and implement a support model that will ensure your mission critical process and technology work to help drive your visions.

Contact us about your supports needs, to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Quality Assurance

All solutions and software delivered by us have been thoroughly tested and put through its pace for performance, we also have dedicated test team to work onsite/offsite with external business to help deliver their solutions.

We have global agile team that can be used as an extra resource on projects and all most of our staffs have various industry recognized software certifications to show their expertise both in manual testing and automations.

Contact us with your requirements or just for general consultations on what we can offer.

Software Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for your software, infrastructure and cloud services, we guide you and your team so as  to ensure your projects can be successfully delivered with a minimum of fuss.

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Software Development

We provide software development as a service, so your software project can be successfully delivered with a minimum fuss.

We specialize in designing, developing and delivering an effective solutions for large and small organizations, by ensuring that clients play active part in all stages of design, developments and implementation.

Technology selections are driven by customers needs and productiveness we ensure our clients are catered for during development and after deployments.


Full Stack – ReactiveX , Redux, RX, Node.Js, Angular.JS, React.Js, Meteor.Js, Electron.Js, Backbone.Js, ROR, Knockout.Js, Electron.Js, Relay.Js, PHP, Laravel, Codeignitor, C#,, WordPress, Magento, Big-Commerce. Shopify, Opencart, etc
Designing Skills – HTML/ HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SASS/ LESS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Sketches, Balsamiq (Wireframe), etc.
Database – MySQL, MongoDB, ArangoDB, Neo4g, OrientDB, GraphQL, Firebase/ Firebase3, etc.
App Development Skills – iOS, Swift, Objective C, Android, Java, rxkotlin, etc.
Hybrid App Development Skills – Ionic, Cordova, Titanium, React Native, Xamarin, etc.
Tools – Trello, Slack, JIRA, Mantis, Mocha, etc.

Application Development

However you want your solutions to add value to your business – be it increased efficiency, a better customer experience or expansion into new markets – we can help.

We’ve got the skills, the people and the first-class management processes to deliver outstanding results, and the customer list and case studies to prove it.

We’ve built cutting edge systems for some of the most demanding clients around- we work with all major technologies and many more obscure ones. We’re also extremely good at solutions, managed services, mobile and website development so we can advise on and implement the whole technology picture for your business.

We get under the skin of your business and aim to become a trusted technology partner, rather than merely a supplier.

Find out what we can do for you.

Website Development

We’ve built web sites to do everything from running the entire ecommerce activity of a major multi-national publisher to tracking vital equipment for the emergency services, and most things in between.

We utilize modern web development techniques to deliver a database driven websites that meets our client’s needs, all projects specifications are driven by client with our expert advice on the best technology to achieve the goals of the business.

Mobile Development

We’ve built mobile apps which solve many problems, e.g. interactive self-publishing to iPad, iPhone and Android, managing prisoner transport using a Windows Mobile app, and even controlling your BlackBerry from your car dashboard.

We excel at building native, bespoke mobile applications on all major platforms. We can provide specialist mobile developers to deliver quality apps on any of the following:

We are also adept at using cross-platform technologies such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Rhodes or responsive web design to lower the cost of developing for multiple devices and to provide that extra bit of reach.

If your planned mobile application isn’t straightforward then you’ll particularly benefit from our experience of complex business and technology problems. That’s where many mobile app development companies run out of steam, but it’s where we truly shine.

And because we are also web and application developers we can advise on how to best use mobile within your entire business and technology strategy.

Tell us about your project, or take a look at our mobile development case studies to get an idea of what we can do for you.